Aluminum Coil 1060 A91060 Al99.6

1060 Aluminum Coil is high quality and inexpensive product. It is the most used product in the aluminum coil industry and also the lowest price. The material has good bending and sheet metal properties in the H24 state, good ductility in the O state, and elongation rates up to nearly 30%. 1060 aluminum coils are used in the insulation and hardware manufacturing industry as well as in the light stretching manufacturing industry.

Alloy: 1060

Hardness: O, H12, H14, H16, H24, H26, H18

Thickness: 0.2mm to 10mm

Width: 100mm to 2600mm

Thickness tolerance: +/-0.02mm, Width & Length tolerance:  -0 / +2mm.

Diagonal line (+/- 2mm), ID: 505mm, 508mm

1000 Series Alloy (Generally called commercial pure aluminum,Al>99.0%)


1050 1050A 1060 1070 1100


O/H111 H112 H12/H22/H32 H14/H24/H34 H16/
H26/H36 H18/H28/H38 H114/H194, etc.


Thickness≤30mm; Width≤2600mm; Length≤16000mm OR Coil (C)


Lid Stock, Industrial Device, Storage, All Kinds of Containers, etc.


Lid Shigh conductivity, good corrosion resistant performance, high latent heat
of melting, high-reflectance, well welding property, low strength, and not
suitable for heat treatments.



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